A project in Mobile App Design, and App Development, Skyler is the simple answer to the hard, ever-present question: how do I dress for today's weather?


Skyler is an iOS app that helps you get ready for the day with styled looks that match your live weather.

What does 74 degrees mean? Should I grab sandals or rain boots today? How cold does it really feel outside?

Everyone knows how hard it is to coordinate their outfits based on the weather: most people open up their traditional weather app, read a number, and are left dumbfounded as to what they should make of it.


Skyler's goal was to solve this age-old problem, offering a clear and intuitive visual idea of what to wear by combining live weather data with an appropriate fully styled look.


Designing the logo, I started playing with obvious weather-related concepts and symbols: the rain, the sun, clouds, etc; they were the “obvious” solution. But as I kept doodling, I realized that they could never fully represent what the word Skyler conveyed: to me, it evoqued something much bigger, much more powerful; it had a universal, prescient, almost spiritual side to it.

With this new direction in mind, I began to play around with shapes that could convey universe-like mystical properties. Ultimately, it was planets which inspired to use circles, which I ended up cutting up in half, into a moon shaped croissant. The containing square brought everything that was missing, adding necessary tension and structure.

Wrap up

Skyler's features included:


Early sketches of the app:

Skyler pre-app.

Prior to making Skyler a mobile app, the concept first existed as an e-commerce web platform to "Shop the weather".

Here are a couple screenshots of the web platform:

The landing page

Signing up

Skyler's about popup.

The front page. Sections include: today/tonight's recommendations; cover stories featuring handpicked products; and newest products at bottom.

Shopping on Skyler.