A project in Visual Design, Web Design, and App Development, DAYS was designed as a reaction to the unsustainable pace that has taken hold in the fashion world: with hundreds of new products released online weekly, constant churn has left consumers overwhelmed and unable to keep up.


DAYS is an iOS app that features one exceptional product in women’s luxury fashion, every day. Every product is thoughtfully curated from thousands of new releases.

DAYS was built on the belief that luxury consumers have been left wanting for a more personal, curated experience: one that brings back the magic in fashion, and adapts to the their life rather than the other way around.

The goal was to create a simple, short but sweet, way of presenting exceptional fashion daily. This meant that the layout and design had to disappear, to shift the focus entirely on the essence of the app: the products.


The “raison d'être” of the app being the products themselves, I realized from the start that the app's look and feel would be heavily shaped by those very products.

As a result, the initial step was to sit down with the fashion editor and take a critical look at all of the potential products we would feature to draw a clear line between the ones that represented the brand to the fullest and the ones that didn't.

This allowed me to get a better idea of the feelings the app should convey, the color palette I would use as well as the basic shapes I would be dealing with.


The app needed a simple but powerful name that could both convey the idea of time passing, and the idea of perpetually renewing worlds, which is what every "day" in the app represents.
As in life, every day —and thereby, every featured product— brings something new: every product has its own world, its own characteristics. The name had to be able to encompass all of those worlds into one coherent space.

DAYS seemed to be the ideal candidate: it checks all of the above, is easy to spell, easy to pronounce and remember, very evocative and refined enough that it fit perfectly in the luxury fashion realm. DAYS it was.


Belonging to the luxury world meant a clean, bold, unambiguous logo was needed. After playing around with many different fonts and stylings, I opted for a stylized uppercase text logo, with plenty of breathing space, based off the elegant but daring "Gill Sans" font.

Here are some of the basic qualities I found described the essence of the DAYS brand:

Ultimately, the brand needed to fully represent the main idea behind the app: that less is, in fact, more. And it needed to do so across all of its manifestations.

Wrap up

DAYS in a few words:


Below, an early sketch of the basic prototype, laying down the main components of the app. I started by listing the features to include and determining each one's weight relative to the rest, to figure out how to lay things out.

DAYS on the web.

Prior to its existence as a standalone mobile app, DAYS was released on the web, as a luxurious, invite-only "Digital Fashion Calendar".

Here's what the landing page looked like:

Once logged in, users had access to an up-to-date calendar, with each day leading to the daily featured product:

Below, the view of a particular day, with its unique product and subtle editor's note.